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Our Studio

From our welcoming lobby to the spacious practice room, our studio is a comfortable place you'll look forward to stepping into and rolling out your mat.


The Lobby

When you arrive at Yoga Sol you are invited into our warm and friendly lobby with plenty of room to remove your coat and shoes and check in at the welcome desk. Make yourself comfortable and connect with friends, study the beautiful paintings on display by Kathleen Mitchell Johnston, browse our assortment of yoga mats and towels, purchase a drink from the cooler or pick out a new plant from The Plant House. We hope you will feel like you belong at Yoga Sol!

The Practice Room

Designed specifically for high temperatures and humidity, the 900 square foot practice room features a custom heating and humidity system and walls with vapor barrier engineering. This state of the art heating and air handling technology allows us to monitor and control the temperature, humidity, as well as carbon dioxide and oxygen levels to ensure an optimum and safe environment for each practice in the space. A beautiful floating floor creates a clean look and large mirrors help with personal focus, balance and posture awareness.

2023-1-28_Yoga Sol-114.jpg

The Changing Rooms

Changing rooms are available complete with showers, bathrooms and private areas to prepare for class or to continue on to the next part of your day. Simple design and amenities throughout the studio ensure the space is easy to clean and keep hygienic, providing a comfortable experience for our practitioners. Stash your bag in a cubby and head to class. Feel free to take a quick shower after a hot class if you like! 

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