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Yoga Sol Staff

Owners Kari and Michael Carpenter have been practicing Hot Yoga since 2013 at which point the 26&2 sequence truly changed their lives. When the opportunity to open Yoga Sol arrived, it was an easy decision to bring the hot room back to life for the local yoga community. We are grateful for partnerships with our staff who bring their unique experience and teaching styles to the studio.

Kari Carpenter

Owner and Instructor

Kari began practicing hot yoga in 2013 and knew immediately after her first class that there was something special about the sequence and the environment. It didn't take long for her to notice the many benefits of practicing yoga and to want to know more about yoga on and off the mat. Kari completed her 200 hour teaching training at The Center Yoga under Suzanne McCahill Perrine and completed training for the original hot 26&2 with Lizzie Clark at Hot Yoga Charlottesville. She also completed The Power of Awareness course with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. With so much gratitude for having yoga in her life and being able to share it with others, she has found joy and purpose in guiding others through this life changing practice. Kari has a Master of Arts in Teaching, 15 years of experience in education and almost 40 years of performing as a musician. Other things that bring her joy are her husband and daughter, hiking, biking, back country skiing, reading, loving on her dogs and taking care of her extensive collection of houseplants.

Michael Carpenter

Owner and Instructor

Michael began practicing in the hot room for rehab after a lower back surgery in 2013. In addition to finding a cure for his back issues, he fell in love with the practice and truly embraced the life changing opportunity. Michael spent over 20 years working with the JMU Athletic Department before pursuing the opportunity to share the 26&2 practice with others. He completed teacher training with Lizzie Clark at Hot Yoga Charlottesville. When not in the studio, you will find him outside on a bicycle, floating a river or following his three dogs through the mountains.

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Emily Fudala


Emily began her yoga practice in 2012 after the birth of her first daughter.  Initially attracted to the physical practice, but the meditative, mind-clearing effects are what kept her coming back.  Emily completed 26&2 teacher training with Lizzie Clark at Hot Yoga Charlottesville.  Outside of yoga, Emily loves spending time with her husband and two daughters, riding bikes, or getting to the woods for a hike. "I love the breadth of what can be discovered about yourself within the 26&2 practice!"

Alisa Loughlin


Alisa moved to Virginia in 2015 from her beloved home of Rhode Island. Seeking community after the transitional move, Alisa found her way to yoga. In her yoga practice, Alisa enjoys experiencing a wide variety of teachers and gravitates towards playful, athletic, and flowing classes. She completed her 200 hour teaching training at The Center School of Yoga in Harrisonburg, VA with Suzanne McCahill Perrine in 2018. In teaching, Alisa aims to encourage students to experiment and to not take themselves too seriously. She firmly believes that there is no such thing as being bad at yoga or a perfect pose. Initially, the physical aspects drew her to yoga, and Alisa will always have a special place in her heart for arm balances and inversions, but the internal aspects have kept her curious through teacher training and beyond. When she is not practicing yoga, Alisa is also a Certified Personal Trainer, She enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, reading, and walking her tiny dog, Donny.  


    Melanie Rowan


    Melanie has been practicing yoga for over 20 years.  She firmly believes that working with the breath and keeping the body flexible is integral to optimizing our health. She is a certified yoga teacher with additional study and certification in restorative yoga. In addition to practicing yoga, Melanie loves to garden indoors and out, fiber arts and spending time with family.

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