How to Prepare

Original 26&2 Hot Yoga

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Hydration and Fuel

Hydrate well before coming to class. Ideally, drink plenty of water the day before. Avoid eating a full meal or guzzling a lot of water right before class. It's a good idea to eat a good meal 3-4 hours before class and have a light snack about an hour before class. This should give you the energy you need without discomfort.

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Expect to sweat! Wear comfortable clothing that won't distract your practice when it's wet. Avoid cotton or heavy materials. Most people find that running shorts or leggings and a tank top work well.

Yoga Mat

What to Bring

Bring your yoga mat, a large towel to place over your mat, and a water bottle. If you want to shower or change clothes after class, bring a change of clothing and an extra towel. Please keep valuables at home or in your car.

What to Expect

During a traditional 26&2 class, most postures are done twice. We'll do a posture, have a moment of stillness and breathing and then do the same posture again. It might be helpful for a beginner to observe the first set of any posture they feel unsure of and then join in for the second set.

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The Heat & Humidity

The room will be around 105F and the humidity level around 40%. This helps loosen our bodies, increases circulation and heart rate, and creates a challenge to improve self discipline and focus. Let the environment do it's thing and allow your sweat to flow. Try to remain focused on your practice and resist the urge to constantly wipe away your sweat. It's going to come right back anyway!


The Challenge

Enjoy the challenge of the practice but please don't push through any pain! Listen to your body and recognize the difference between uncomfortable moments and the start of painful ones. Pain is a warning to back off. If your heart rate begins to soar or you feel overwhelmed at any point, just stand still or sit on your mat until you're ready to continue. 

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The Magic

Words we've heard after classes describing the magical feeling:

completely depleted

yet energized,

wrung out and cleansed,

totally renewed,

stress just melted away,

yoga high,

skin is refreshed,

state of calm,



Here are some suggestions for how to show respect to other practitioners.

You might find that these help you develop your own practice, too!

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Quiet Space

When you enter the hot room, please refrain from talking. Many students like to arrive several minutes early to enjoy this special time and treasure the peace and silence. You might find this time is beneficial for you as well! Use the time before class for some light stretching, lay still, to do some quiet breathing exercises or sit and meditate.

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Mat Placement

If you are new to the sequence, set up in the back row so you'll be better able to observe. If you are more experienced, please leave the back row for beginners. Ideally, everyone should be able to see at least some of themselves in the front mirror which helps with balance, alignment and focus. Avoid placing your mat directly in front of or directly behind someone else's mat.

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Stillness Between Postures

It can be tempting to wipe your face with your towel or drink water during each mini break. See how it feels to resist the urge to move. Eventually you will find it's best to just remain still so your body can fully benefit from the short rest. Of course, if you truly need water, drink! Try to take small sips of water in between postures rather than during them so others can stay focused.