How to Prepare

Original 26&2 Hot Yoga


Try to hydrate well before coming to class. Ideally, drink lots of water the day before your class.


Expect to sweat! Wear comfortable clothing that won't distract your practice when it's wet. Avoid cotton or heavy materials.

What to Bring

Bring your yoga mat, a large towel to place over your mat, a water bottle. If you want to shower after, bring a change of clothes and an extra towel.

What to Expect

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The Heat

The room will be around 105F. Let the heat do it's thing and let your sweat just be. Try to remain focused on your practice and resist the urge to constantly wipe away your sweat. 

The Challenge

Enjoy the challenge of the practice! If you feel overwhelmed, just stand or sit still until you're ready to continue. 

The Magic

Words we've heard after classes describing the magical feeling: wrung out and cleansed, totally renewed, stress just melted away, skin is refreshed, state of calm, completely depleted yet energized, AMAZING!





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